Weekend Retreats, Courses and Events at Nicholaston House

 Nicholaston House is the perfect place for a weekend retreat, course or event. In addition to organised weekends, bookings from church groups looking to lead their own events are welcome.


Christian Singles’ Spring Conference Weekend 2020

14-16 February 2020

Event Type: Christian Singles' Event

Keynote Speakers: Erik Fok

Check In: 4 p.m. Friday

Check Out: 2 p.m. Sunday

Details TBC.


  • £149/person (ministry rate/no VAT) – guaranteed single occupancy of a non-single room
  • £99/person (ministry rate/no VAT) – single occupancy of a single room (limited rooms available)
  • £99/person (ministry rate/no VAT) – shared occupancy of a non-single room
  • £15/person (ministry rate/no VAT) – non residential Friday evening meal (free to attend after meal if non-resident)
  • £27/person (ministry rate/no VAT) – non residential Saturday only (includes lunch and supper)
  • £39/person (ministry rate/no VAT) – non residential Saturday and Sunday (includes lunch and supper on Sat and lunch on Sun)



'Seeking Stillness' - Healing Tides (a journey of the heart) with Sarah Chabowska and Libby Dobson

27-31 - March 2020

...Sabbath Rest and a journey towards inner healing...

Event Type: Retreat

Theme/Focus: Sabbath Rest and a journey towards inner healing...

Check In: 4 p.m. Friday

Check Out: 10 a.m. Tuesday

Led by: Sarah Chabowska and Libby Dobson

Libby and Sarah invite you to take a journey of discovery into the spacious place of God's love. We will consider the importance of Sabbath rest, and experience its healing gifts, as we take a break from the busyness of life. Give your spirit a chance to breathe, and your body and soul a chance to rest and be restored as we reflect together upon the ebb and flow of our lives.

Throughout this retreat we will offer original music and song, art work and visual images, poetry, reflections, Scripture, one-to-one, quiet times and personal space to support your journey.

To sustain and nurture you on this journey you will be offered:

  • Original music and song
  • Art work and visual images
  • Poetry
  • Guided reflections
  • Scripture
  • Opportunity for one-to-one sessions
  • Personal space to relax and reflect
  • Time to be still


"Sarah and Libby have a real gift for creating an atmosphere and welcome, and respect for where participants are at."

"They offered a calm and safe place - welcome to all."

"The gentle pace of the retreat, the beautiful thought-provoking poems, songs and readings and their humour - all these created a quality sacred space that was very moving."

About the Leaders:

Libby Dobson has been writing and performing contemplative songs for a number of years. Her CD recordings include ‘In Your Arms’, ‘Deep Calls to Deep’ and ‘Wide Horizons’. 

Sarah Chabowska has been involved in leading prayer in a variety of contexts, and has been writing her own poetry for many years.

Together they have produced a CD entitled ‘Peace’ which includes a selection of their songs and poems. Both Sarah and LIbby are trained in ‘spiritual accompaniment’ and have been leading retreats together since 2013, in retreat centres, parishes and with other Christian groups.

Their retreats have proved very popular, many people finding them a refreshing oasis to which they return again and again.


Sarah and Libby joined us for a week earlier in 2019 and we share this short clip as a preview of what they offer (via Facebook).

Non-residents are welcome as long as they can participate in the whole retreat (i.e. Friday Evening through to Monday Evening) so they can be part of the group and part of the journey. 


Mosaic Lives Ministries'Mosaic Lives Ministries - Divorce Recovery Retreat' with Gen and John Loaker

6 - March 2020

...finding hope and healing in the face of separation and divorce!

Event Type: Divorce Recovery Course

Theme/Focus: Divorce Recovery

Check In: 4 p.m. Friday

Check Out: 6 p.m. Sunday (optional extra night stay available @ £30/person with in-room continental breakfast tray)

This interactive course is designed to help people recover from the pain of separation and divorce and rebuild their lives. Key themes include understanding divorce, dealing with depression, resolving anger and moving on. Each session blends both teaching and group discussion. The weekend will also include sessions on the Biblical perspective on divorce as well as opportunity for participants to receive prayer.

The weekend is also open on a non-residential basis for anyone living within commutable distance to SA3 2HL (Gower, Swansea) - from £89.


'The content was informative, thought-provoking, emotive and therapeutic. Sharing felt safe and fellow participants supportive. I feel re-energised, lighter, lifted and restored.'

'It was really helpful to hear a range of people's experiences who were at different points on the journey and get some hope! 

About the Leaders:

Gen and John Loaker have many years’ experience in supporting those facing separation and divorce. Gen is a relationship coach and John is a social worker.

Led by: Gen and John Loaker: https://mosaiclivesministries.co.uk

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‘Breakfast on the Beach’ - Encounter Mid-Week / Weekend with Mary and Erik Fok

28 - 31 August 2020 

...encounter Jesus, be renewed in abundant life!

Event Type: Weekend

Theme/Focus: Restoration and Renewal

Check In: 4 p.m. Friday

Check Out: 10 a.m. Monday

IN MY FATHER'S HEART is a compelling call from the Holy Spirit to go deeper into our Father's heart. It is the theme for our Encounter Weeks, this year. It’s not just about "knowing"; more about engaging heart-to-heart with Father God’s passion for us and allowing the Holy Spirit to ignite our passion for Him. We so want to share this journey of engagement with Father's heart, together with you. And trust that it will prove a truly transformative experience for all of us. There’ll be opportunity to go deeper in worship and receive inspiring, releasing teaching and personal prayer ministry, as well as time for your own reflection and recreation in this beautiful part of the Gower. We see Jesus doing amazing works of healing, restoration, renewal and equipping! Weather permitting, on one of the days (most likely the Sunday) we will have a breakfast on the local beach at Oxwich Bay!

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GOD'S House: The Story of Nicholaston House, by Derrick Hancock.The incredible story of a retreat house in one of Wales’ most spectacular beauty spots has been published.

‘God’s House’ is a detailed account of how Nicholaston House came into existence by the man who had the vision and was given instruction direct from God.

In 1990 God unmistakably led Sue and Derrick Hancock to Swansea to see a vision fulfilled which God had given them some years previously. The booklet (A5, 53 pages, colour) gives a brief factual account of what God did and is doing. It has been written for two reasons - to give glory to God and to show what very ordinary people can do when they step out in faith with God. 'All that we have accomplished, You have done for us' - Isaiah 26 v 12.