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‘I needed a sign from God’, says man with vision who created beauty spot restoration centre.

GOD'S HOUSE: The Story of Nicholaston House by Derrick HancockThe incredible story of a retreat house in one of Wales’ most spectacular beauty spots has been published, just as a major £2 million re-development is about to take place.

‘God’s House’ is a detailed account of how Nicholaston House came into being, written by the man who, along with his wife, received a God-given vision and had to wait 13 years to see it fulfilled.

In fluid writing, Derrick Hancock recounts the journey he and his wife, Sue, embarked upon in a project which they believed was destined to bring healing and restoration into the lives of many troubled people.

Nicholaston House, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, overlooks Oxwich Bay and the moorland of Cefn Bryn behind. It hosts many faith-building courses which vary in nature. There are ‘time-out’ courses and arts and crafts courses, along with others which are designed to look at relationship issues, including marriage preparation and enhancement.

Mr Hancock said: “It was 1990 and we were living in Surrey but I had a feeling that Swansea was the place God wanted us to live. However, I needed a clear sign.

“Unusually for me, in my prayer, I put out a fleece. The fleece was that someone would come and purchase our home without us telling anyone it was for sale or appointing an estate agent. That was at 7.50 on a January morning in 1990. At 7.30 that evening the doorbell rang and a gentleman called Dave was at the door with a gift to say ‘thank you’ for being Chair of the Residents’ Association. He then explained that his wife had been to see the doctor that day and found that she was expecting their third child. They needed now to have a 4-bed house. Were we selling ours?”

The Hancocks were living in Swansea by April and thus began their journey to buy Nicholaston House and make it what it is today: a unique environment for people to be restored.

The publication of God’s House comes just a few months after the launch of an initiative called the Nicholaston 5000 which seeks to draw five thousand people to help to fund refurbishment work, estimated to cost £2 million.

Swansea City Council awarded the plans, which include self-contained eco-pods in the gardens, full planning permission. Trustees are aiming to start the development work, which is likely to take around six months to complete, in August 2019, with a view to re-opening in the springtime of 2020.

Geoff Thomas, chairman of Swansea City Mission and Educational Trust (SCM&ET), explained that funding will come from a number of different funding streams. The SCM&ET is seeking to raise at least 25% of the £2 million and this is where the Nicholaston 5000 project was born.

Taking inspiration from the story in the New Testament where Jesus fed 5000 people with five loaves and two fish, the aim is to persuade five thousand people to donate at least £100 towards the development.

If you would like to number in the Nicholaston 5000, please give online today and join the many who are giving towards this exciting development project fundraising initiative: https://www.give.net/NHDevelopmentProject 

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Any profits from the sale of the booklet will be used in the ministry and development of Nicholaston House.

WATCH: Derrick Hancock shares the story of Nicholaston House: 'GOD'S HOUSE' in this special 20th Anniversary event video filmed on 16th June 2018 at Nicholaston House.